FActory tour

Tool room

Having an in house mold making facility allows us to give you the highest precision products that one can offer.  Dies are made with complete precision and with utmost accuracy. Quality is our prime concern.

Die casting

We believe in latest technology and being up to date with it. Having a high precision machines helps us to give the quality you desire. Also having a separate die storage prevents it from being damaged.

Surface finishing

Top coat is only as good as the foundation. We have a number of different finishing techniques. With years of experience we select the technique which will best suit your needs.


This is where the magic happens. Our in house plating facility can make upto 20 different finishes with a smooth top coat that feels just about right in your hands.

Lab testing

All our raw materials are tested and accounted for. We use modern equipment and techniques with highest precision work.

Material handling

Each and every product is handled with utmost care to avoid any damage in between the processes.