Swastik industries is one of the leading manufactures of Belt Buckles. Each buckle is polished by hand and coated with a proprietary lacquer finish guaranteeing years of use without tarnish. Swastik industrie’s Belt Buckles come in a variety of plated finishes to fit all your design needs.

Swastik Industries is a belt buckle manufacturer in India. We are the suppliers and exporters of belt buckles. We are the Manufacturer, Supplier and is India’s most successful producer  of belt buckles as exporters. Therefore, none of our clients who preferred Swastik Industries regretted it. If you are looking for belt buckle manufacturers Swastik Industries is the right address for you.

Available sizes are :-

  1. 30 mm Pin buckles
  2. 35 mm Pin buckles
  3. 40 mm Pin buckles
  4. 30 mm H buckles
  5. 35 mm H buckles
  6. 40 mm H buckles


We make Custom Belt Buckles for men like Cowboy , Cool Type, Buckles shoes, etc.

These are available in varies sizes and shape & finishes.

No. of designs

Here is an overview of our Vintage Belt Buckles like Brass  in which we specialize. Custom design or finish is also possible in these items.

Finshes available

The most important Men's Accessory: Belt

Belt leather should match the color and brightness of the shoe. The most important men’s accessory belt is a very useful accessory when combining with shoes. The metal of the belt buckle should also be compatible with other parts of your clothing.

When choosing a different belt for each day, you can show your imagination. This will reflect your personality and style. Measure the waist circumference of your pants if you want to learn the belt length. The belt should be 3-5 centimeters longer. Or just measure your old belt. This will be a more practical solution.

Brand is not that important in belt selection. It is unlikely that someone will notice you have a designer belt. Quality leather and durability of the product are more important at this point.

The men’s belt is a basic product and a very important element in any man’s wardrobe. Not only an accessory, but also on it carries a large functional load. Usually a belt is inconspicuous, but becomes a striking object for others, so it should look perfect and fully fit on you.

The right combination will not only help you look good, but also feel confident and comfortable. Belt should be joined with shoes. It should be noted that the belt has been chosen for a shirt, suit, pants and not for shoes.

The simplest and most classic example is the black belt and black shoes. However, if you have a briefcase, folder or purse that is also compatible with shoes and belts, it will look more elegant and advantageous. In addition, the color of the belt buckle must match the color of your watch strap. This will create a pretty stylish look.

Why choose us ?

Belt buckle manufacturing requires mastery. If you are looking for wholesale belt buckle manufacturer, we are the right address for you. As a wholesale belt buckle exporter, we always make the best quality for you. For more information, please contact us. We are here to as belt buckles manufacturers.


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